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We sell the bulk of our crystals through live sales on our Instagram account,@illuminologyminerals. To learn what a live sale is and how it works, visit our Live Sales page.

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To purchase your claims from our Live Sales, simply head to the Live Sales Page and follow the steps outlined. Payment for Instagram claims are due within 48 hours after invoices have posted.

Purchasing FAQs & Policies

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions, along with information regarding our Return and Shipping Policies.

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Stay tuned, we will have more upcoming events to list soon!

Illuminology Live Sales

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Review your invoice carefully, then add it to your cart. Have a question or issue? Send us a DM on Instagram.

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New to Live Sales?

Read some of our most frequently asked questions and get some helpful tips!

How do I watch your Live Sales?

Follow us on Instagram with your Instagram account. Then, keep an eye on our Profile and Story, as we announce the dates/times of upcoming Live Sales there. Once we are live, the circle around our Instagram profile picture turns pink and the word “Live” will appear underneath it. Simply click on that profile picture and it will take you to our live stream.

How do I buy items in your Live Sale?

We will show each crystal individually, then reveal its price tag with its price (the numbers) and some letters, which we call a “Claim Code.” (Example: 25LR) If you see an item you’d like to purchase, type the full Claim Code in the chat box.

Keep in mind that often, many people wish to claim the same item. Therefore, the first full CORRECT claim to come through on MY screen gets the item. I will announce in the live who that person is.

Please read: A claim is your statement of intent to purchase that item, and you are responsible for purchasing the item after claiming. This ensures fairness to other customers and protects our valuable time. You should never claim an item unless you have the money to pay for it within the allotted 48 hours. Violators of this policy will be blocked from future live sales and reported to other shops as non-payers.

Can I put back or swap items that I’ve claimed?

To be fair to other shoppers and to prevent delays during the live and confusion behind the scenes, we do not allow put-backs or swaps. The only exception to this rule is if you’d like to upgrade to a more expensive version of that same item and material. Thank you for your understanding!

My claim was first, but you gave the item to someone else!

What you see on your screen often differs from what others see, and you’ll often show up as the first claim on your own screen. This is why, to be fair, I go by what is on MY screen. I know it can be disappointing to lose an item you really wanted. Stick with it; the right crystal will come to you!

Do you allow others to help us make claims?

If you’re new and having a hard time getting a claim due to Instagram blocking or a slow internet connection, feel free to ask for help in the Live. Our community is truly wonderful, and they love to help out our newbies! To ask for help, type SOS in the comment box along with the item you want. Also, consider reciprocating and helping someone else! When making a claim for someone who has asked for help, please include at least a portion of their username in your claim. Ex: “For illuminology 23JH.

Request an Open Box

By requesting an Open Box, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

1) All purchases are final and non-refundable;

2) Open boxes will be closed automatically after 2 months;

3) Open Boxes may not be applied to orders paid for with Klarna or Paypal-in-Four;

4) Any shipping amount you pay on this invoice will be applied toward your final shipping amount when you close your box;

5) As you add more items, your shipping amount may increase.

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