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We sell the bulk of our crystals through live sales on our Instagram account,@illuminologyminerals. To learn what a live sale is and how it works, visit our Live Sales page.

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    • Claimed items from live sale 1/18-20/23

Garnet Ring (17RT) – $17
Black Moonstone Sphere (39MB) – $39
Fluorite Sphere (42PF) – $42
Ammonite, Mother-of-Pearl Inlay Fossil (59AW) – $59
Yooperlite (fire stone) Gnome (17AAA) – $17
Moss Agate Gnome Home (18TP) – $18
Amber Owl (24WH) – $24
Unicorn Stone Sphere (17VK) – $17
Aquamarine Tower (20AM) – $20
Septarian Nodule with Barite Specimen (22AAA) – $22
Palm & Tumble Scoop Mixed Materials (20AAA) – $20
Palm & Tumble Scoop Mixed Materials (20AAA) – $20
Rainforest Jasper Gnome Home (23RL) – $23
Larimar Zuni Bear (21AAA) – $21
Aquamarine Dolphin (20Y) – $20
Aquamarine Dolphin (20V) – $20
Aquamarine Snail (30AA) – $30
Aquamarine Bear (33E) – $33
Rainforest Jasper Bracelet (gift) – $0
White Mexican Agate Tower (15MQ) – $15
White Mexican Agate Tower (14BN) – $14
White Mexican Agate Tower (18XT) – $18
White Mexican Agate Heart (11WM) – $11
White Mexican Agate Heart (13TR) – $13
Fluorite Tower (19MX) – $19
Chrysocolla Specimen (8AAA) – $8
Chrysocolla Specimen (6AAA) – $6
Chrysocolla Specimen (6AAA) – $6
Amber Frog (19GN) – $19
Howlite Standing Goddess (35AAA) – $35
Flower Agate Tower (12FT) – $12

Shipping: $21 (added automatically to cart upon checkout.)


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